Labs and Library

Labs and Library


A school library is a storehouse of knowledge which satisfies our eternal desire for knowledge of the unknown and unseen. Our School has two libraries which are well constructed as well as furnished. The books are arranged according to the classes as well as subjects. These libraries are managed by experienced librarians. Besides the Subjective books, we have books on travels, biographies, novels, short stories, newspapers, fables etc.

Physics Lab

School has a well equipped physics lab to familiarize students with experimental apparatus and to develop skills necessary for more advanced study or research.

Biology Lab

Our School boasts a highly equipped and well stocked biology laboratory. The idea is to enable hands-on learning by the students, “ Learning by doing” is the motto of our bio lab.All the facilities are available for the students like slides of plants, specimens, simple and compound microscope, analytical balance, digital PH meters etc.

Chemistry Lab

School facilitates its learners with a spacious well equipped Chemistry lab which provides the best learning environment and opportunities for those students who have opted Science Stream.

Computer Lab

Computer lab is a place where students invest their time in learning programming and automation by improving their basic computer skills which is a basic need of today’s era.